Smart Plumbing for your Smart Home

February’s crazy winter storm has us thinking- wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way for your home to automatically shut off its water supply? Whether its freezing temperatures, a busted pipe, or even a random leak, the idea of your home protecting itself sounds pretty convenient. To avoid these unexpected and expensive water issues, you can equip your home with a solution that will not only provide you with the tools to stop a water leak as soon as it occurs, but also the peace of mind that you are constantly in control of your home’s water situation even if you are away.

ProStream has designed the perfect solution- an automated water control system combined with flood sensors. Both devices work with your home’s Control4 Smart Home automation system and are designed to check for leaks and shut off the water supply at a moment’s notice. The flood sensors are placed in common risk areas- near your water heater or appliances in your laundry room or kitchen. If an issue occurs, you will be notified immediately by email or text catching the leak before any real damage can happen. But what if you aren’t home to fix the problem? That’s where the automated control valve comes in. The automated valve is plumbed on your home’s water main and can shut off any water leak in your house. Receive a leak alert message and then shut off your water - eliminating any flood risk - from virtually anywhere, giving you the peace of mind that your home is safe and damage free.

Additionally, you can set rules for your home’s water supply. Set up a schedule of when the water turns itself off and on based on your vacation plans or lawn watering habits. Program temperature thresholds to notify you when you are nearing potential freezing temperatures or high heat. Once your system is in place, you are in control.

This type of technology can be used for commercial properties as well. ProStream Digital’s current project involves a new outdoor entertainment space with rentable food truck parking spots. We are installing these types of water control systems at each food truck hook up slot so that the owner of the venue can control the electricity and plumbing for each truck pad. Even though it is a shared space, the venue owner maintains control of who can gain access to the utilities.

Water damage is something all homeowners dread and can be devastating to your home and bank account if not addressed immediately. WIth an automated water smart home system such as the DAM-It sensors and valve combined with Control4 technology, you will have peace of mind that no matter how far away you are, your home is protected from water issues and you are in control.