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Smart Home For The Holidays

Whether you are hosting friends and family over the upcoming holidays or maybe planning a more intimate December, assure that your smart home is prepared to make the most of this season!

Package Protection

With smart home security, your front porch packages don’t have to be left vulnerable when you are away from home.  Our brand new Chime video doorbell is the perfect way to keep an eye on what is happening at your door.  Receive a notification when there is movement, watch a live feed of the action, and even speak with the delivery man through your phone with 2-way talk functionality.  Want to take it a step further?  You can unlock your front door or lift your garage remotely from your phone’s security app and have the packages placed safely inside your home.  

Shine Bright

Nothing gets us in holiday spirit more than sparkly lights on a house and a beautifully lit Christmas tree.  But don’t let those lights ruin your electric bill- smart lighting helps avoid unnecessary energy usage.  Program your lights to remote controlled apps that allow you to automate every detail!  You can even set them to a timed schedule or create different modes or scenes to match your various holiday needs.  Planning on being out of town? Schedule your lights to automatically turn on in the evenings to make it look as though your home is occupied- fending off potential intruders.

Stay Cozy

While the holidays may warm your heart, winter weather can leave your home feeling chilly.  Luckily, a smart thermostat can keep your home cozy and warm.  You can easily adjust the temperature inside your home using an app or panel control - but a smart thermostat can go a step further.  Because it learns your occupancy patterns, it identifies when you leave your house and when you return home and automatically adjusts your thermostat accordingly.  Not only are you creating a more energy efficient environment, you are welcomed home with a perfectly cozy, comfortable temperature.

Thinking about upgrading the smart features in your home? You're just in time! Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and we can make your holiday wishes become your smart home reality.