ProStream Digital is now Bravas DFW

We’re so excited to announce that ProStream Digital is now part of the Bravas organization and will now operate as part of “Bravas DFW.”  

Bravas is the largest Home Technology Firm in the United States. Bravas was formed in 2019 with the intent to bring together the nation’s leading Home Technology Firms into a single company. Bravas currently operates in 15 markets across the United States. Each of these divisions are responsible for managing the business in their local markets. These individual branches remain the heart of the Bravas business and is what allows Bravas to continue to deliver the best experience to our customers and partners. Backed by strong financial resources, Bravas’ local operating model provides resources that are unobtainable by 99% of Home Technology Firms.   

By bringing together 15 of the country’s best Home Technology Firms, Bravas has created a world-class team of employees and leaders who have a shared commitment to providing the best experience for our customers. Bravas will stand alone, allowing us to provide our clients with the best possible experience from the first meeting, through the install, and finally to after-sales support and monitoring.  

ProStream Digital has a long history of providing the best in home technology solutions for our clients. Our world-class team of Systems Consultants, Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians and Programmers will stay in place and be given additional resources with which they can operate. We’ll have access to new products and resources as well as increased buying power to allow solutions to be more affordable for all of our clients. We are excited to join the team at Bravas DFW as we embark on this new journey.   

On behalf of the entire team, we would like thank you for your business. While our name may be changing, our commitment to quality is not! We look forward to continuing to serve you in the future.

We put together an FAQ to address any questions you may have about this exciting news.

ProStream FAQ

Q: How will my relationship with ProStream Digital change?

A: The team at ProStream is not going anywhere. The team at Bravas DFW is growing rapidly, and the merger with ProStream was perfectly timed to help continue that growth by integrating the two teams. As we move forward you may be working with technicians from the Bravas DFW team, but the ProStream team will be available to help whenever needed, and will share their knowledge of your system with their teammates at Bravas.

Q: Will there be any changes to my system’s warranty or support membership?

A: These changes will not impact any clients with systems currently covered under ProStream’s warranty, nor will they impact any of the member benefits of our support program.

Q: Who do I reach out to for support for my system?

A: Continuity of service is one of our top priorities as we merge operations with the Bravas team in DFW. ProStream clients can expect to receive the same great service experience from our Basic Support team as they have in the past.  To ensure a consistent experience as we make this transition, ProStream clients may continue to reach us through our dedicated support channels:   

Phone: 214-764-2425 
Email: [email protected]

Q: What is the purpose of Bravas?

A: As a national company we have access to an incredible amount of technical, operational, and administrative resources. These additional resources allow us to focus on what we are most passionate about, delivering the best possible technology experience to our valued clients. More resources means more time focused on the details, and getting them right for our clients.

Q: What is next for Bravas?

A: At Bravas our goal is to redefine and raise the bar for the custom integration industry, while providing the best possible client experience. We will continue to refine our processes to improve reliability, consistency and communication, while also expanding into key markets throughout the US to better serve our clients.

Still have questions?  Don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly:


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Bob Bobo

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