Movie night will never be the same.

Home theaters & surround sound systems have changed the way we experience everything from football games to Oscar winning movies. At ProStream Digital we've designed and installed home theater systems in some of the most distinctive homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Crystal clear 4K HD projectors and televisions.

Enjoy a true 4K cinema in your home, either in a dedicated home theater room or any room of your home. Gather with family and friends to watch the latest movies and sports, anytime you like, with your own home theater system designed and installed by ProStream Digital.
custom home theater installation in Dallas

Dolby Atmos 360° surround sound.

Immerse yourself in the three-dimensional sound of Dolby Atmos in your very own home theater. Atmos sends sound above and around you with pinpoint accuracy, putting you in the middle of the action. Whether you are watching an epic battle scene or the final touchdown. The true-to-life sound puts you inside the action. Dolby Atmos is the latest breakthrough in surround sound technology.
Marantz home theater receiver
smart home media server

Watch whatever you want, when you want.

With a smart home theater system powered by Control4, you'll have a jaw-dropping home theater system that rivals your local cineplex. With the touch of one button, the screen descends, the media player fires up, the Dolby Atmos springs to life as the lights slowly dim to the perfect level.

Superior sound from floor to ceiling.

Incorporate immersive, high-resolution audio, high-definition video, a smart TV or projection screen, and customized lighting to create the ultimate home theater experience. We'll help you match the perfect home theater speakers to your home, lifestyle, and budget.

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