Your smart home doesn't have to stop at your back door! Smart products can make your backyard more comfortable and convenient and can now be integrated into your outdoor living space seamlessly.

Smart Lighting

Indoor lighting is of course included with your home but what about in your outdoor living space? Yes, you can control your outdoor lights from a switch inside your home but what if we could take things a step further? Smart outdoor lighting can be set to automatically activate based on motion or specific ambient light levels but can also be programmed to a daily schedule that works best for your living habits. This means that you won't have to remember to light up your patio or front yard in the evenings - or turn them off the next morning. You can also set the lights to a specific brightness level to create an ambiance while entertaining or relaxing. Whether for security or looks - these lights add a layer of ease to your outdoor space and are now built to specifically combat the elements.

Smart Music

Outdoor speakers have been around for a while now but a custom-designed speaker system brings the benefit of simple control from your home automation app or voice control for your music. A system specifically designed for your backyard area will include speakers that are wireless and weatherproof so that you won't have to worry about wires or rain. Smart outdoor speakers are also great for a backyard movie theater set up - they can also double as a sound system for a movie al fresco!

Smart Lawn

Smart watering devices can be a total game changer for your backyard this summer! They can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your lawn, garden, and flower beds healthy while also conserving water. Smart sprinkler controllers and hose timers work like smart thermostats - you can set schedules for them using an app or even allow the systems to work automatically. These devices can use local forecasts to determine the best times to water based on upcoming weather as well as soil conditions. They can also prevent overwatering - and save you money!
Homeowners are now integrating the outdoors into their everyday lives so now smart backyards are the next great idea. As you continue to update your technology outdoors, you may also need a wi-fi booster to make the most of your products.

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