Fall Means Football

Written by the ProStream Digital Team
With cooler months finally approaching, many homeowners are eager to update their outdoor areas into proper entertaining spaces. An outdoor area is the ideal place to relax and unwind while watching the big game- but make sure you have the right outdoor-friendly technology first!

While a tailgate watch zone in your own backyard would make for the ideal party spot, there are some technology options that need to be considered.

Can any TV be used outdoors? Televisions intended for indoor use are not typically suitable for the outdoors. The best outdoor experience will come from specially designed outdoor options such as the Samsung Terrace.

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These televisions are made to live outdoors. With exceptional brightness and glare reducing technology, the Samsung Terrace delivers vivid picture quality to your favorite outdoor spaces. Since ambient lighting tends to be much brighter outdoors, indoor television screens intended for indoor use, will not be bright enough when placed outside. Outdoor televisions are created to function regardless of sunlight exposure, ultraviolet rays, and even shade. The Samsung Terrace offers a brighter screen, less glare, and a sharper image- all traits that factor in with outdoor viewing needs. Quantum Dot color technology allows for the imagery to show at full contrast regardless of extreme sunlight and Motion Rate 240 also keeps the picture smooth and crisp by minimizing motion blur- perfect for game watching outdoors.

An added benefit? These televisions offer weather resistant durability that guarantees protection from water and dust.
What's the quality of your game without clear, crisp audio? For outdoor usage, the natural choice is Landscape Loudspeakers from Origin Acoustics. These systems are built to hold up in outdoor conditions and deliver optimal sound performance- a top priority of a game watching experience. The high-quality weather proof enclosures of the Landscape Loudspeakers provide 360 degrees of sound that cuts through the noise at high-volumes as well as long range power.

Outdoor shades are another amazing way to improve your outdoor entertainment areas. The Zen Box from Screen Innovations allows you to transform your outdoor space and extends your home’s square footage with a sealed enclosure. This not only keeps bugs out but adds new space for entertaining. Keep an eye out for more from us about outdoor shades- more info coming soon!

Even though we are getting back to the norm of football season, we are also staying home more than ever. So why not enhance your outdoor space with a weather-ready screen and some open-air designed speakers for the great outdoors? Now all you need is your lucky jersey and favorite tailgate snack.

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FAQ: Which TV will provide the best outdoor experience?

Technically speaking, you can use any TV outdoors, but that can sometimes be problematic.

  • Brightness problems: Indoor TVs are for indoor use, typically, with the lights off. Take one outside and the sun will outshine your screen. Outdoor screens are now built with outdoor brightness in mind while anti-reflection technology allows for more visibility with less glare. Watch the big game with vivid, legendary picture quality in direct sunlight or shade!

  • Safety & Warranty problems: An added benefit? Outdoor televisions are intended to withstand heat, humidity, rain, dust, and bugs.
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